Tips to Organize Your Garage

Tips To Organize Your Garage

Organizing your garage is not an easy task. If you have a lot of stuff lying around your garage, the undertaking will be a lot more challenging.
Despite this, keeping your garage organized and clean is essential so you can use your garage for its purpose and more. Following an organization scheme in your garage will leave you with ample space to park your car and store other items.
It is also important to keep your garage well-maintained so you can keep using it for many years. You should have a local garage door repair service you trust to help keep your garage safe.
Are you excited to start your garage makeover? Here are a few garage organization ideas that will help you put things in order.
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Don’t Forget to Declutter

Decluttering is a prerequisite to having a clean and spacious garage space. That’s because you’re making space available for other items that you can store in your garage.
When decluttering, you should check every box and compartment in your garage. This will ensure that you collect all items you need to discard or keep.
Classify the discard items further for donation, selling, or disposal and the things you’ll keep based on their categories.
Examples of materials you can group are the following.

  • Hand tools
  • Sports equipment
  • Auto supplies and parts
  • Gardening tools
  • Cleaning equipment
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Create a Strategic Garage Organization Layout

Your goal should not just be to tidy up your garage but to make it look clean and spacious as well. Given that, you should strategize a garage design that will make everything in your garage fit.
To create an accurate layout of how you wish your garage interior to be, you should begin by taking dimensions. Measure your garage space, door, windows, and other structures, and most importantly, your car. Give your car ample parking and driving space, and then decide on how you will maximize the remaining area for storing supplies.
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Install Shelves and Pegboards

Instead of closed cabinets, drawers, and bins with lids, you can make use of open shelves and pegboards. Items that you often use and need are best placed in these open storage spaces.
Placing hand tools on a pegboard or shelf makes them more accessible. No matter how many times you need them, you can easily get your tools and put them back in place after use. Thus, you can avoid losing and misplacing your garage items.
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Make Use Of The Walls And Overhead Space

Storing items on the walls and ceiling space is an ingenious hack for those with limited garage space. Here are some ideas to help you maximize your garage interior.
  • Hang a ladder, kayak, or other long and flat items on the wall using a hanging sling.
  • Create DIY storage in your garage ceiling using plastic bins with lids and 2x2s.
  • Install overhead garage shelves and cabinets to store seasonal decorations and camping gear.
  • Mount a rack on the wall for long tools such as a broom, rake, and shovel.
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    Go For Space-Saving Storage Places

    There are many ways you can go about saving space in your small garage. One common space-saving idea is to stack plastic bins and boxes vertically to conserve floor space.
    You can also install a folding wall-mounted workbench if you only seldom use it. That way, it’ll stay flat on the wall and won’t occupy a permanent space in your garage.
    To ultimately make the most of your garage space, you can also hire a professional engineer or architect for space-saving designs. Sliding shelves, pull-out cabinets, and wall-mounted bicycle racks are some creative systems you can utilize for your garage.
    Whether you have a limited or spacious garage space, you must keep your garage items organized at all times. Doing this will ensure that your car has a safe and secure place to park. At the same time, it will also allow your garage to function as a storage area for your household items.
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