What Is Garage Door Insulation?

What is Garage Door Insulation?

Insulated garage doors are the modern type of door that has more thermal insulation than the old models. It helps to maintain and keep the temperature inside your property. In this way, you could reduce your electric bill.
That being said, you can ask your trusted garage door maintenance specialist to install an insulated garage door. Additionally, having an insulated type garage door will become easy for your HVAC appliances not to work hard. If you’re planning to install a garage door yourself, don’t do it because you might get injured during the process. That’s because an insulated garage door is heavier than an uninsulated type of garage door and requires skills, experience, and precision.  
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You can hire a professional garage door technician to install the garage door for you. Please let them handle all the dangerous work so that unnecessary accidents can be prevented.

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What Is Thermal Insulation In Garage Doors?

Usually, garage doors act as the main entryway to enter your main house or on the other part of your property. So, if the living room is built on the side of the upper part of your garage, you should keep the cool or warm temperature inside the garage. So, if you want to install one, you need to replace your old garage door with a new insulated type to maintain the garage space’s temperature significantly.

insulated vs noninsulated garage door
layer of insulation

Insulated garage doors have an extra foam layer that avoids the cool air and warm air escaping from your garage. This extra layer will contain the cool and the warm air during the sunny days and cold periods. As a result, your monthly power bill will be reduced.

Insulated Garage Door Type

garage insulation

The insulated garage door has insulation that is installed inside the door’s framework. This insulation will become the shield between the temperature outside and inside your garage. This insulation door is made up of durable fiberglass.

The primary purpose of this glass is to create a strong seal so that the air cannot enter or exit from the door. This will also be beneficial for you, especially if there’s extreme weather outside your property. This insulated garage door type can reduce the power bill and make you comfortable inside your house.


Protects Your Vehicle And Items

Insulated types of garage doors can also make your car safe. That’s because when a vehicle is stored inside a garage that has an insulated door, your car will be less likely to freeze during the winter seasons. Since there are many ways that cold weather can negatively affect your vehicle, having an insulated garage door can protect your vehicle.
Here are some of the reasons why harsh weather can have a significant impact on your cars:
  • Shorter lifespan of batteries
  • Thickened engine, transmissions, and fluid breaks
  • Could result in low air pressure in your car tires
  • Unreliable wirings and spark plugs
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double garage door insulation

Quieter Operation

Unlike uninsulated garage doors, garage doors that have a layer of insulation can consume vibration and sound that is caused by operating them. Moreover, an insulated door dampens the loud noise coming from the outside of your garage.
Many property owners use their garage not only for parking their vehicles. Therefore, a quieter operation is especially beneficial if there are living areas next to the garage itself.
Additionally, keeping the warm temperature inside your garage makes it easier to get inside your house when you have a more generous buffer area during cold climates.


r-value insulation chart
The R-value stands for resistance value or to measure the resistance of a heat flow that will go to your door part. Garage doors that have a higher R-value mean that they have more thermal resistance. In this way, the insulating property is more reliable and effective.
It’s better to have a garage door that can lessen the amount you’ll pay for your electric bills. Additionally, if your garage door is too old and cannot attract potential buyers in case you want to sell your property, investing in this kind of door will be your best asset.
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