GARAGE DOOR PANEL REPlacement Nashville TN

GARAGE DOOR PANEL REPlacement Nashville TN

Is It Possible To Repair a Garage Door Panel?​

There is a misconception that a garage door needs to be replaced once there is a damaged garage door panel. However, most garage doors are made of garage door panels that can be replaced. If you have a door panel issue, it’s way better for you to replace that one panel instead of the whole door, and that’s because it’s a more cost-effective solution that still does the job. Repairing the door panels also saves you time since it takes less time to be done than replacing your door, so take that into account when you decide what to do with your garage door.

Issues with Garage Door Panels

As said before, a good thing about looking for panel replacement is that you can choose to replace just one panel instead of the whole door and still have considerable benefits. Regardless of that, there are times when you need garage door panel replacement and times when you don’t.

That’s an important matter since it indicates if you need to repair a door panel or if you can wait a little more and save that money. We want you to know when to request that service, so here are some situations that require you to ask for door panel repair:


Bent Panels – Bent panels damage your place’s aesthetic and can produce more serious structural problems.

Broken Panels – Broken panels are highly dangerous to have due to making it easier for external agents to enter your garage and home. Furthermore, they make your garage door more vulnerable to any impact.

Dented Panels – One of the most common situations that require a panel replacement. Dented panels can cause a misplacement of weight that can lead to other garage door issues in the long run.

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Deciding when to replace your garage door panels and when to replace the entire garage door can be a difficult choice sometimes. Both options are good for different situations since there are times when a panel repair can be more useful and vice versa. Here is our take on the topic.

When to Take Garage Door Replacement

If you have critical structural damage in more than two parts of your garage door, then you should ask for a garage door replacement instead of a panel replacement. The cost of replacing several panels can come close to the cost of a new garage door. Furthermore, you should also replace an old garage door as it going to save you money and headaches in the long run.


When to Take Panel

Panel replacement is optimal when dealing with one or two panel that were damaged. As long as the door as a whole seems fine, this solution should be better than replacing the whole door. You also don’t need to worry about the panel you replaced looking different from the others in your garage door. We at Metro Garage Door Repair can provide you a new garage door panel that is identical to your old one.


Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

We at Metro Garage Door Repair have more than a decade of experience dealing with different garage door issues, including garage door panel repair. When choosing us, you can rest assure that you will receive the right type of repair that it will last you for years to come. You can reach us 7-days a week and receive same-day service from one of our expert technicians, with no extra charge on the weekends.

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