Garage Door Cable Repair Nashville TN

Garage Door Cable Repair Nashville TN

High Quality Garage Door Cables​

Garage door cables are a fundamental aspect of a garage door, as they regulate the moving of the door. The lines of the items are what permit the movement of the door downwards and upwards. Because the cables have such a vital part in the procedure, there is significant tension and pressure on them. Replacing of cables becomes crucial as they can break after some time because they have weakened. Damaged garage cables are a significant issue as this prevents the garage door from moving. Luckily, we at Metro Garage Door Repair can assist you on this matter.

Garage Door Cable Issues

Garage door cables are going to have issues over time. These issues can lead to a broken garage door cable as a result of cable weakness. You are going to want to act before reaching this point because damaged garage door cables are more of a challenge to repair than cables that are not. Keep a lookout for any of the problems mentioned below.

Old Cables

The cables on your garage door are going to wear out over time, which means that as they get older, they get weaker. Old garage door cables have more chance of breaking as they are no longer as robust any longer. The next thing to do when you realize your cables are old cables is to replace them to evade future potential damage.

Rusted Metal Cables

Always keep a lookout for any indications of rusting. Rusting often happens rapidly in regions where there is moisture or humidity. Whenever garage door cables start to rust, the strength of the item is conceded. If you do not replace or repair rusted cords, you are probably going to end up with damaged door cables.

snapped garage door cables

Jammed Cables

Garage door cables frequently get jammed when they are tangled or when they are no longer on the turning drum. This action brings all movement to a stop. You do not want to be left with a garage door that does not move. 

Unwound Cables

Cables which have begun to unwind are a consequence of the garage door cables sliding off of the turning drum. When this happens, it is not always the simplest task to repair, and it can be an inconvenience. Our team of specialists can solve this problem as they are very well trained and qualified in all issues concerning cable repairs or replacement.


Types of Cables and Uses

Lift Cables


People use lift cables to aid the moving of the heavy garage doors. They are used when you need to close or open the garage door. Lift cables often differ in magnitude and size. The size differs varying on the weight of the door –heavier garage doors need thicker cables.

Retaining Cables


Retaining cables assist in stopping the extension springs from falling or detaching when something wrong happens to the garage door. The retaining cord is connected to the extension springs on the garage door.

Why Trust Us as Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

Replacing or installing garage door cables is a significant job that needs knowledge and expertise. This reason is why can trust the project to us. We put your safety and security first by adhering to all the necessary safety guidelines and regulations. Our employees are trained experts who are experienced and licensed. They also work 7-days a week to ensure we can provide you same-day service for any problem you may have, with no extra charge on the weekends.

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snapped garage door cables
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